THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up for our trips. We are pleased you will be joining us! All trips are CLOSED at this time for the upcoming trip. Please check back later for other ministry trip opportunities with Serve the Nations.

We are excited about next year’s ministry trip to South Africa. This will be our 5th year ministering there, and, each year we have seen the Kingdom of God break in so powerfully! We’ve seen hundreds come to the Lord, primarily one on one through signs and wonders, healings and notable miracles such as the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, those who have been crippled now walking along with many other powerful kingdom encounters in the streets, townships, malls, restaurants, and in the churches.

These ministry trips to South Africa have been all about equipping the saints and churches to learn how to live out a lifestyle of putting Jesus on display with love and power. The uniqueness of these trips is you will have the hands on equipping opportunities to see the sick being healed through your hands as well as helping lead people into a personal relationship with Jesus through the power and demonstration of the Gospel. You will also have the opportunity to learn to equip others to do the same.     

We are offering 3 separate ministry trips next year. You have the choice to pick from one of the 3 trips to be a part of the ministry team for Brian Blount / Serve the Nations, the mission arm of Crestwood Vineyard Church!

Below are the 3 separate ministry trips (legs) available.



Trip 1: Durban, South Africa 2019

Dates for the Durban Ministry Trip: February 13 - February 25

  • Arrive in Durban: You will need to arrive on February 13th by 3pm

  • Leave for home: You will need to fly out on February 25th 


Trip 2: Johannesburg, South Africa 2019

  • Dates for the Johannesburg Ministry Trip: March 4 - March 15

  • Arrive in Johannesburg: You will need to arrive on March 4th by 3pm

  • Leave for home: March 15th 

We have two extended option’s for the Johannesburg ministry trip:

Extended Option 1: You can join the ministry team 5 days earlier in Durban 

  • Arrive in Durban on: February 27th 

  •   Fly with us into Johannesburg: March 4th 

  • Leave for home: March 15th

Extended Option 2: You can extend the ministry trip for an extra 5 days in Cape Town

  •  Arrive in Johannesburg: March 4th

  • Fly with us into Cape Town: March 15th 

  • Leave for home: March 19th


Trip 3: Cape Town, South Africa 2019

  • Dates for the Cape Town Ministry Trip: March 15-March 25

  • Arrive in Cape Town: You will need to arrive on March 15th by 3pm

  • Leave for home: March 25th 

The cost of each trip is $1250.00. This includes a $250 deposit, lodging, domestic transportation, one team dinner, and one fun day activity.

You will be responsible for your International travel cost, personal spending money, the cost of snacks, meals, gratuities where appropriate (waiters, bus drivers, housekeeping, etc.), passport and visa fees, country exit tax, and immunizations where required. 

If you are interested in joining us for any of these trips, please fill out the application and send in your $250 required deposit. Your application is not considered complete without the deposit. There will be a link, once your application has been filled out, that takes you to the payment link.

Acceptance is based on a first come, first serve basis. Spaces for this ministry trip will fill up quickly! Each leg of the trip requires a minimum of 8 team members and a maximum of 15. Applying early will also help to ensure you can get the best possible international flight prices. 

If you are not selected for a team, or the trip has to be canceled by Serve the Nations,  your deposit will be refunded in full. Serve the Nations reserves the right to deny any application. You will not be refunded monies that Serve the Nations has paid out on your behalf to secure any trip accommodations. If for any reason, a team member is unable to participate of their own accord, the full deposit will be forfeited.

Upcoming Deadlines

December 1, 2018 - Application and deposit are due. No applications will be accepted after this! ** WE HAVE EXTENDED THE DEADLINE FOR Johannesburg to December 5, 2019. And the NEW DEADLINE for CAPE TOWN is December 15, 2018. **

January 1, 2019 - !/2 balance due ($500)

February 1, 2019 - Remaining balance due ($500)

We have decided to extend the deadlines for money due to give you a chance to purchase your flights first. Great prices are not guaranteed for long and you really want to buy by Dec 15 - especially if you are coming to the first leg of the trip. 

Additional Information

Visas: If you are flying from the US, there are no Visas required for South Africa.

Vaccines: If you are coming from the US, there are no vaccines required to enter South Africa.

Medical Insurance: If you do not have medical insurance, we strongly encourage you to buy missionary medical insurance. You can check out this web site for more information on that at:

Phones: You must have a way for us to text you! 2 options are: Check with your phone provider and see what international texting plans are available. TMobile has a great international plan. If you have AT&T, their phone service did not work well in South Africa. OR, you can purchase a cheap phone and plan in South Africa at the airport. Their big phone carriers are: Vodacom, CellC, Telkom, or MTN Mobile.

International Flight Information

Below you will find information on booking international flights. If the cost of international flights has you a little concerned, or the cost is holding you back, check out these deals...

At, they have flights listed for $675ish, roundtrip from JFK(NY) to Johannesburg. A flight from OKC to NY is about $200-$300 round trip! You guys! That is unbelievable. 

You can check, google flights, or Scott's Cheap Flights for some great deals. Sometimes, flying out of other cities, you can find better pricing. We have also used a travel agent in the past who can find good deals as well. If you'd like to contact her, her name is Regan Murray, with Mission Mountain Travel. Her email is:

When booking your international flights, we highly recommend buying travel insurance. This will help cover any costs should you have to cancel or change your flights. 

We are excited about this trip and having you join us!

Please contact Angie Whiting if you have any questions at:

Brian Blount

Co-Senior Pastor of Crestwood Vineyard Church

Founder of Serve the Nations