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I am thrilled to announce that we will hold our next Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade in Oklahoma, on August 20-21, 2016. The crusade will begin at 6PM on Saturday and Sunday. We look forward to working with local churches to help promote the event, and we encourage churches to bring the lost and hurting.

There is urgency in my heart to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in America. I hope that you will be there with us to help promote, pray, volunteer, and give as God leads us into this great harvest of souls in America.

My team is now on two active Gospel fronts: Africa and America. I have seen God in His omnipotence in Africa. Over time our ministry saw 74 million people respond to the call of salvation. Our God is an awesome God. Thankfully, believers in America have enabled us financially to bring in this harvest of souls in Africa, but now “the bread cast upon the waters shall return to you.” God spoke to me that the time had come for a mighty wave of salvation to sweep the USA from city to city, from state to state, and from coast to coast. And since Jesus Christ is the same there and here, I expect no small outcome. America shall be saved.

In February 2013, we conducted our first crusade in Vero Beach, Florida, and the Holy Spirit moved mightily. Then, in September we had our second outreach in the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. There we saw some 20,000 in attendance, and nearly 2000 people make a decision for Christ! Now, we will continue across the nation, Gospel crusade after Gospel crusade, from stadium to stadium. This is not the day to join the choir of the despaired but to “blow the trumpet of God in Zion.” This day is the best day ever, because it is the day of salvation. There will be a crop for God’s glory, not a flop.

Evangelism must always lead into the church. This is a central truth I have practiced everywhere. I, the evangelist, bring my nets and borrow the boats of the local churches. Together we will cast our nets into the human ocean and pull them in to be emptied on the beach. My promise to you is not to take a single fish but to leave them all with the local churches. Then I will dry and mend my nets and move to the next place.

I am scanning the skies for men and women who pray and weep for the salvation of America. As Bill Bright used to say, “Let’s leave our logos and egos.” Let’s rally at the foot of the cross of Calvary and preach the Gospel of salvation to the nation. The Holy Spirit will cooperate. God is pouring out His Spirit with glorious indifference to our differences! He said, "I will pour out of my Spirit on all flesh." And it seems to me He pours Himself into the mold of any vessel. Please determine how you and your church can participate in any of these upcoming crusades.

God bless you,

Reinhard Bonnke

Rev. Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelist

Later Event: August 21
Sunday Service