Hello Crestwood Family,

As a part of the larger Vineyard Family, we want to invite and encourage you to participate in 40 days of prayer and fasting for our personal lives, our local church, and our Vineyard movement. The prayer focus is “Come Holy Spirit.” Beginning Monday, May 27, we will begin our 40 days of prayer and fasting. 

Ways to Participate

Vineyard USA has done an amazing job compiling information so that you can participate in what God is doing throughout our movement together. Below, you will find the email from Phil Strout, our national director, about why we are entering into 40 days of prayer and fasting, what we are praying for, and what that can look like. 

Below you will also find 3 PDF files from Vineyard USA that may be helpful for you.

Fasting Basics explains what fasting is and ways you can fast.

40 Days of Prayer Take Home Sheet is a 2 page overview

40 Days of Prayer Participant Guide is a longer, day-by-day prayer guide which you can refer to on each of the 40 days for that day’s prayer points.

Vineyard USA Emails

If you would rather sign up for daily emails from Vineyard USA during the 40 day fast with info on what to pray for each day, you can sign up for those emails here: Fasting-Basics-English.pdf explains what fasting is and ways you can fast.

40 Days Of Prayer & Fasting Daily Email

We look forward to seeing what God does in us as a result of this fast! Thank you for choosing to join with us in praying, “Come Holy Spirit!”

Brian and Jeanine Blount